Midwest Pagan Council

42nd Annual Pan Pagan Festival - August 1-5, 2018


Want to give a Workshop or present a Ritual at PPF?

Festivals thrive because everyone gets together to share their knowledge and learn from each other.

If you would like to share your knowledge in a Workshop or Ritual, please fill out the Workshop Form. While it is called a Workshop form, all the same information for Rituals is needed as well. Opening Ritual, Main Ritual, and Closing Ritual are staples at PPF, but that does not mean we wouldn't love to see you host a Ritual as well. Area A is the ritual space, available for your ritual as well.

If you would like to fill out a form online, please clink Here!

And questions, please email us at midwestpagancouncil@yahoo.com

2018 Workshops!

The ADF Core Order of Ritual - Drum

A discussion of the ADF Core Order of Ritual, a ritual structure that is used around the word for ADF rituals. Included in the discussion are insights into ADF cosmology as well as Practice. An ADF Core Order Ritual will be preformed at the end.

Building a Devotional Practice with Land, Sea and Sky - Drum

Working with High Days is a wonderful thing, but High Days come and go eight times a year. What can someone do if they want to develop a monthly, weekly, or daily practice? This workshop will investigate building a devotional practice with the Three Realm, namely, Land, Sea, and Sky. Lunar-based devotional practices will also be discussed. Devotional scripts will be distributed, but there will also be an opportunity to write and offer scripts by class participants.

The Nine Virtues - What They Are and What to do with Them - Drum

The Nine Virtues are discussed, defined, and examined. What are they? Can they guide your choices? Can they become a part of your life? An examination of each virtue will be presented along with some topics for further work and research.

An Introduction to Druid Magic - Drum

What is magic? What kind of magic do Druids do - in ritual and in everyday life. A discussion of the magic wihtin Druid ritual along with a discussion of topics of practical magic will be presented.

The Wheel of the Year for Children - Janet G.

We will be talking about the Equinoxes, the Solstices and the Cross Quarters while we dig deeper into what we already know about the seasons. There will be a child appropriate activity to do and take home.

Divination Exchange - Michael & Janet G.

Bring your Tarot, pendulums, Oracles, Runes, tea leaves and anything that you use to give yourself or others spiritual readings. We are going to talk about some of the different divination tools we all use and then do some reading exchanges for each other. All levels of readers are welcome from beginner to expert. We will have some cards to explore for those who forgot to bring their own and adults can learn a fire scrying technique.

Tie Dye with Elfie - Arwen "Elfie"

Come learn how to tie up a shirt and dye it! 
[Please bring a pre-washed shirt (no softeners) and $5 to cover the dye materials. If you are interested in purchasing a pre-washed shirt from Elfie, please email her at arwencourtney@yahoo.com with subject line "PPF Tie Dye Workshop" to order one by 7/16. Additional costs of shirt will apply.]

Festival 101 - Arwen "Elfie"

A brief guide on fesitval etiquette. All newcomers to Pan and all children with their guardians should attend. It’s also a nice refresher for everyone.

Ritual Conspiracy - Lady Taz Storm

Main Ritual Planning. The Conclave of the Craft is looking for a few drummers and chanters to help out in main ritual. If you are interested, please meet us for ritual conspiracy.

Walking the Path of Death - Lady Taz Storm

Entering the the journey of Death, for the one passing and for the family, can be a painful and traumatic experience. This workshop will discuss ways to help with the transition. Rituals, both personal and group, that may help with the closure and the first steps of healing for death. Join Lady Storm as she covers the first steps to a journey that is the end and beginning of all of our journeys.

Liturgy of the Crafts - Lady Amy Rhea

This workshop will explore the words we've come to associate with the Craft, who wrote them, and what influences they arose from. From Gardner's Book of Shadows and Valiente's Charge of the Goddess to Reclaiming chants and Feri rituals, we'll look at the writers who formed what we have come to know as the body of witchcraft liturgy.

Building Your Inner Temple - Lady Amy Rhea

Learn What the inner Temple is and why it is so important to the practice of the Craft. then learn techniques to build your own unique astral sanctuary!

Runes - The Story of Their Beginning - James Taylor

Join the workshop as we discuss the story of the origin of the runes and what they mean. Not their "use" today as a method of divination, though we will talk about that as well, but their meaning and its connection to the Norse gods and life.

Not Starving During the Zombie Apocalypse - Chelli W.

Basic introduction to finding and eating wild plants you can find in Indiana.

What's Under Your Bed? - Lady Brigid

Somethings in the air and Magick is afoot! Join Lady Brigid to find out how this can help your health, money, love life, harmony and more! Get more use out of your mattress than you could ever imagine. There’s more under your bed besides killer clowns, dust bunnies and late night snacks.

Protection while Traveling - Lady Brigid

his is the time we are traveling to different events and attending festivals, Pagan Pride Days and other events. While we are traveling on our journey it could be a wise choice to carry a pouch of protection upon your person or in your car. Make one to hang in your home while you will be gone to prevent break ins, unwanted intruders, nosey neighbors and/or mothers in law.