Midwest Pagan Council

42nd Annual Pan Pagan Festival - August 1-5, 2018


Plan to be a Merchant at PPF?

The MPC Welcomes Merchants to its Pan Pagan Festival! At the Fest, we set up a Merchants Row where Merchants sell. (Please Note: There is NO selling at the Fest anywhere except Merchants Row.) Because of space limitations, we DO limit the number of Merchants at the Fest to a total of sixteen (16).

We have two sizes of Merchant spaces:

1. 10' Wide x 10' Deep (9 available)
2. 10' Wide x 20' Deep (5 available)

Spaces are on a "First Come - First Serve/Registered" basis.
Pre-registration is always best if you are considering being a Merchant.

Merchant Registration is currently OPEN.

If you are looking to be a Merchant, please send in a Merchant Form with your Pre-Registration. We do ask that you are serious in your request, meaning please do not ask for a 20' deep space if you only need 12' deep. If you request a "#2" space and they have all been booked, we will contact you and ask if you can use a "#1" space.

Cost to be a Merchant: N O T H I N G !! The MPC does not charge Merchants a fee to sell their wares at PPF, though we DO ask for a donation item for our Auction/Raffle. We feel you are providing a service to the other attendees who may have no access to Pagan items where they live. Our way of saying "Thank You" is to not charge a fee.

Also, all Merchants who Pre-Register get a FREE listing in the Festival Program Book. Along with your Pre-Registration, make sure to fill out the Merchant Form so you can be included in the book!

We have two versions of the Merchant Form:

And questions, please email us at midwestpagancouncil@yahoo.com

2018 Merchants!