Midwest Pagan Council

42nd Annual Pan Pagan Festival - August 1-5, 2018


So, what goes on at PPF?

The short answer is: connecting to fellow Pagans, the Lord & Lady, and Nature, workshops, merchants selling wears, a lot of drumming and over all, fun.

Pan Pagan Festival is a 5 day festival that opens Wednesday and runs until Sunday, noon.

Workshops presented by you, our lovely attendees, take place Thursday through Saturday at set times and locations.
Check out the Workshops we've already lined up for this year's fest!

Here's a breakdown of the events that are staples during the week.

PLEASE NOTE - Events have changed!


The only event on Wednesday is Opening Ritual mid-afternoon to set the "theme" of the Festival.
Why is nothing else scheduled for Wednesday?
Because the Council feels that after traveling to get to the festival, you don't need to find a workshop you want to attend started 10 minutes ago and you haven't even found a place to camp.


Thrusday night the MPC hosts a Meet & Greet. Come out and introduce yourself, reconnect with old friends, and meet new ones. The MPC also hosts a Pot Luck during this time! Bring a main dish, side, or dessert to share! Council will be providing drinks!

After Meet & Greet, the MPC asks for voluneteers to head up to the field and light the labrynth. Make sure you walk the labrynth after it is lit for a truly magical experience.


Friday evening, we have the Main Ritual, where we focus our combined energies on the theme each year. It is followed by a bonfire where drummers settle, people dance, and all have a truly magical night.


Saturday night, we treat you to a wonderful band! Come enjoy the music, the company, and the energy!


Sunday Morning, check in at Town Meeting to make sure if you won any of the big ticket Raffle items! Items kindly donated by our merchants

To end the Festival, Closing Ritual is at noon to bring the fest to a close and say farewell to another fantastic fest.

If you have any questions, please email us at midwestpagancouncil@yahoo.com