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Pan Pagan Festival 41

Theme: The BEAT Goes On and On!


August 2-6, 2017.
Located just outside of Knox, IN at Rising Sun Campground.
Come and join one of the oldest running outdoor pagan festivals.

Special Guests!

Corvis Nocturnum & Starr Morgayne!

Corvis Author of over a dozen books on zombies, vampires, the occult and paranormal, researcher Eric R. Vrnor, (best known to his fans under the pen name Corvis Nocturnum), has been invited speaker at the 2006 World Religions Seminar at Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne. He has also been a coonsultant for the original A&E's Paranormal State episode Satan's Soldier (2010) and a resource for the show on oother occasionas, a guest panelist at Dragon Con (2011) in Atlanta, GA and Parafest in Bethlegem, PA in (2013), alongside paranormal and vampire authors such as Michelle Belanger and Rosemary Ellen Guiley. He has appeared on the BET Channels' The Lexi Show on The World Network, and priduced nearly two hundred books with Dark Moon Press. He is an artist who lectures on Goth culture as well as our fascination with zombies and vampires on various radio programs and at conventions and universities. He is the founder and publisher of Dark Moon Press.





Starr Starr Morgayne has been studying herbs, alternative healing methods and alternative spirituality for more than 15 years. She has been the president of the Fort Wayne Pagan Alliance, local coordinator for her annual Pagan Pride Day for 2 years in a row (as well as helping coordinate previous years), a metaphysical shop owner and interviewed in her local newspaper along with the book Embracing the Darkness; Understanding Dark Subcultures to help dispel myths about Witches and Pagans. She has her 2nd degree in Usui Reiki and plans to go to college to get a degree in Naturopathy, Alternative Medicine and Herbalism. Her short stories have been published in several anthologies and she writes articles for a magazine tailored to esoteric and occult subjects. She lives in Indiana with her three cats, and her loving family. In her spare time she enjoys writing, photography, crafting and gardening.





Special Musical Guests

Rhiannon & Merlin

Rhiannon has been singing and playing both gutar and piano as long as anyone can remember. Rhiannon has been preforming for 30 years in and around the Toledo area and has taught dance, vioce, and guitar for the last 25 years. She majored in music and dance at the Michigan State University and the University of Toledo. She is the founder of Rowenwood Grove in Toledo and the proprietor of Rhiannon's Apothecary.

Merlin has been playing music and singing in public since his parents dragged him to his first open mic in 7th grade. He plays a number of instruments and teaches music, choir, and dance at a school in Toledo. He plays in Michigan and Ohio in his "spare time". He is a member of Rowenwood Grove in Toledo.